Northwest Access Exchange

Connect the dots with fewer hops

NWAX is a member-run 501(c)6 non-profit internet exchange in Portland, Oregon, that facilitates peering among member organizations. Members benefit from peering by sending their network traffic on a more direct path via the exchange, increasing their network resilience while improving performance.

Welcome to peering in Oregon

Why peer at NWAX?

NWAX is Oregon’s top internet exchange with over 100 members exchanging a daily peak of 560Gbps of traffic. The majority of NWAX members have open peering policies.


Minimize latency, jitter and packet loss with fewer router hops.


Increase fault tolerance through path diversification.


Reduce transit costs between member networks.


Participate in the Oregon peering community.

What Our Members Say

“We are proud to peer at NWAX and to participate in its community based governance since local traffic exchange is a critical element of a resilient, performant, and cost-effective Internet ecosystem in Oregon's primary metropolitan area.”
Steve Corbató
Link Oregon Executive Director
“By peering at NWAX we see traffic stay local to our region instead of traveling up and down the western U.S. to go across the street because many local ISPs and other agencies are peering together. NWAX also got us peered with some very large CDNs allowing that traffic to have a more direct path with lower latency.”
Jeremy Pietzold
CIO, Clackamas ESD
Traffic Graph