Welcome to Northwest Access Exchange
On January 1st 2014 operation of NWAX transitioned from Oregon Health Science University / Portland State University over to a new independent non-profit organization that was formed to operate the exchange going forward. The new entity is operated by volunteers from our membership base and the board of directors is elected annually by the members.

All of the public documents pertaining to the formation of and operation of the new entity can be found here.

You can find the public mailing list archive here. Subscribe by sending an email to: members+subscribe@nwax.net

At this time, the best place to find member contact information is on PeeringDB, however, a basic spreadsheet of member ASN's and IP's is available here.

Current Members
Why peer at NWAX?
Year to date aggregate traffic
  • Keep local traffic from having to leave Oregon
  • Minimize latency, jitter & packet loss (great for VoIP & Video conferencing)
  • Reduced router/transport hops = greater reliability
  • Maximize bandwidth - LAN speed local interconnects 1G and 10G
  • Reduce costs for members by avoiding transit costs for traffic between member networks
  • Improve regional fault tolerance (i.e. if long-haul links out of Portland are severed/degraded, traffic can still flow locally uninterrupted)
  • Provides additional traffic interconnect location to provide redundancy for other regional peering fabrics
  • Build a sense of network community here in Oregon (i.e. the social aspect of peering)
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